4 New Costumes!

It’s been awhile since I last updated so here are full costume info and galleries for my last FOUR COSTUMES! Go check them out for the scoop! I’m about 95% done with my Asuka plugsuit cosplay, so keep an eye out for photos of her soon. They will likely pop on my social media first, as usual.

button_amiwaitress button_lina button_eternalmercurybutton_hitomi

New Costume – Applejack!

I have posted my Applejack costume page. Go visit now!

New Costume – Wendy!

Wendy Darling costume page is up!

New Kaylee Photos!

New Kaylee photos are on my Kaylee costume page !

Fuu Costume Photos!

Visit my Fuu Costume Page for new photos from SabotenCon! I’ve also included a complete write up of the costume construction and recent upgrades to it.

Fuu Costume Page

You can also see my con report of SabotenCon here.


Under Construction!

Thank you for visiting NyuNyu Cosplay.com! Due to a recent server move, my site is currently under construction.  In the meantime, please continue to follow my costumed adventures on my Facebook page and DeviantArt.