Costume – Applejack


Character: Applejack
Series: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Debut: Anime Los Angeles 2011
Cost: $40
Inspiration: BEST PONY.
Thoughts: This costume is really simple, and not that impressive, but I’m glad to represent my favorite hardworkin’ earth pony! It also makes a good “easy last day” costume for cons.

Construction Notes: I modified all the clothes here, which are all from thrift stores – the undershirt was cropped, and the outer shirt was dyed the nice bright orange. The hat was from a Halloween store. I spent a lot of time trimming it down and gluing the felt back down to hide that I trimmed it. (It was huge!) I added the felt applique to the shorts. The boots are from my Jiriri Kiteru cosplay. The awesome metal belt buckle was made by Sam and powder coated to get the nice bright colors you see. I got lucky in finding a high quality heat resistant wig in a nice yellow-y blonde secondhand. I styled the bangs using lots of heat and hairspray, and pulled it into the ponytail. I made the ponytail holder with a scrap of red knit fabric. I decided to go without ears since there was really no where for them to go with this hat!
Photo Credit: Samuel Troxell, photobooth photo by Toshi Yamioka