Costume – Kaylee


Character: Kaywinnit Lee “Kaylee” Frye
Series: Firefly
Costume: Mechanics overalls, TV series
Debut: Phoenix Comicon 2009
Cost: $60
Inspiration: I love Kaylee and I love Firefly. ”nuff said! I thought I’d be able to portray her well. PCC was the perfect debut for Kaylee with all the sci-fi fans there.
Thoughts: I think this is the comfiest costume ever! It’s really cute too. I love how the overalls came out! 🙂

Construction Notes: I was driving myself nuts trying to find a fabric or shirt just like Kaylee’s. So I found a shirt I thought she would wear, with kanji on it, dyed it pink, and cropped the sleeves. The overalls were made from scratch, by combining a collared shirt pattern and a pants pattern. I used a heavy twill fabric and added the applique and kanji details before distressing the costume with paint and sandpaper. It took a bit of hunting and some advice from other Kaylee costumers to find the correct appliques and kanji. Yes, some of them are supposed to be upside down, and yes I wrote one of the wrong characters. xD Oops.  The necklace is similar to one she wore, and made out of Sculpey and a leather cord. Boots that I already own complete the outfit, and I wore my hair similarly at the time, just dying it a few shades lighter and adding some curl. Later, I used a wig for the cosplay, because I cut my hair.
Patterns Used: Top: Butterick 3386