Tutorial – Kitty Feet



-Poly Foam
-Plain house Slippers
-Plastic Canvas
-3mm or 6mm black craft foam
-Main foot fabric (I used yellow fleece – it’s fuzzy and stretchy, sturdier than felt, and easier to work with than faux fur – use whatever works best for your costume)
-Thread in a matching color
-Embroidery floss in any color
-Large needle
-Felt for any detail needed (I used brown felt for the stripes)
-3/4″ Elastic
-Scrap fabric
-Glue (Hot glue, fabric glue, tacky glue, etc.)
-Polyfill (optional)
-Foam cutting tool…or just any old pair of scissors

Poly Foam (Upholstery section)


Plain house slippers (I bought these at Wal-mart)


Plastic canvas (you should find this with the cross-stitching supplies), foam, felt & embroidery floss


Place the slipper on the plastic canvas. Trace out on the plastic canvas what you want the sole of your foot to look like. In this case I need them wide and fat – so I extended them on either side and added the toes.


Now cut out two and and glue them to the soles of the slippers.


Now cut out pieces of the poly foam to fill in the rest of the shape that the original slipper doesn’t provide – here the sides and the toes.



Here I sandwiched two layers together. You may or may not need to do this. I cut it out so it fit on top Here it looks like some strange sandwich that’s been bitten into. XD


Now shape the foam into a nice rounded shape until it looks like a paw. You can buy a tool to cut foam, but I honestly just used scissors. You don’t need it to be 100% precision smooth, becasue it’s going to be covered with a thick fabric that hides the imperfections.



Now it’s time to cut out the fabric. Experiment with something cheaper that you don’t mind throwing away until you get a shape that will fit around your foot. Mine is something of a rounded bell shape. I didn’t want a seam down the front, and they are loose fitting, so it worked in this case.


When you cut it out and fold it in half it should be similar to this. If the fabric is only 2 way stretch, make sure you cut it so it stretches horizontally. Sew up the back.


Now cut out a piece of fabric for the bottom and pin the first piece of fabric to it around the slipper so it”s like a sock. Remove, sew, and flip back right side out so the seam is in on the inside. (I know here I have a white fabric, but I was just trying to get the shape. Use the same fabric as the rest of the foot.)


Now pull it back over the slipper and it should look similar to this.



I also added a bias tape elastic casing to the top, (similar to the waistband on a pair of pajama pants) necessary to keep them from slipping down.


Now take the embroidery thread (in the same color as your fabric) and a big needle and using several stitches tack down the fabric to the plastic canvas. Otherwise it will slide around.


Notice all the little tacks around the edges? It’s messy but don’t worry because it’ll be covered up in the end.


Next you’ll probably want to define the toes. First I used embroidery thread to pinch it in place and tie it underneath. (Optional step)


Then I defined them even more by gluing a thin stripe of felt between the toes. Now is a good time to add any other detailing, like spots, stripes, bows, whatever your character requires. I just cut them out of felt and glued them on. (Again, optional)


Now take that black foam and cut out sort of a sole for the bottom of the foot. It will keep you fabric from getting dirty and provide a grip so you don’t slide around on floors. Trace the bottom of the foot and cut it a bit smaller.


Glue it to the bottom and make sure it doesn’t stick off the sides.


Yay now you can wear it!! =D To hide the elastic casing, I just roll it under. ^^


Now you have a magical costume accessory bound to get you noticed and some extremely warm house slippers for the winter.

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