The most effective and quickest way to contact me is via e-mail. I check it daily, and should respond fairly quickly, depending how complex the question is. Please don’t be afraid to ask if you have specific questions on my costumes that I didn’t explain on my costume pages.

You can also follow me on the following social networking sites, and ask your questions there. If I overlook something and don’t respond right away, please send me an e-mail to make sure I see it!

I am available for:

Masquerade judging – I have won several awards and have experience in multiple areas of craftsmanship. When I’m not competing in masquerades, I love to judge them! I have previously judged at Arizona convention masquerades, including SabotenCon, Con-Nichiwa, TaiyouCon, and Animeland TuCon.

-Cosplay Panels – I have hosted numerous cosplay panels in the past with my group, SunaCosu, as well as individually. I specialize in how-to panels on sewing skills and wig craft. Conventions include Phoenix ComiCon, SabotenCon, Con-Nichiwa, Animeland TuCon, and Anime Kaigi.

Costume appearances – I generally appear in costume for all the time I am at conventions. You can request specific costumes for your event or promotion at a convention. I have worked previously at Anime Expo for Viz Media as part of the Sailor Moon events.

Photoshoots – Please send me a link to a portfolio if you would like to do a photoshoot.


For a list of my past and future event attendance, please see my Conventions List.