This is my space to share my knowledge with you! Please contact me with any questions or suggestions for future tutorials!




Thigh High Trick
If you’ve ever worn thigh high stockings, you’ve probably had them fall on you. This simple tutorial will show you my trick! You just need an old pair of dance tights and some patience. This tutorial is hosted on DeviantArt.


Boot Trim
Here’s a quick tutorial on how I did the trim on top of my Sailor Mercury boots! You can use it whether you are making a boot cover or altering a boot. This tutorial is hosted on DeviantArt.


Applique Trim
Here’s my method for doing applique designs with a satin stitch. This tutorial is hosted on DeviantArt.


Asuka Plugsuit Write Up
This is a write up of how I made my Asuka plugsuit from the Eva TV series, trial and error and all! suit from Evangelion. Part I is all the sewn parts and Part II is all the “hard” parts (armor, etc.)


Asuka Plugs
This tutorial is for making the circular plugs on Asuka’s suit from Evangelion. I think similar ones are on Mari’s and maybe some other pilots. I used Sculpey and cookie cutters! This tutorial is hosted on DeviantArt.


Sailor Collar
Your basic sailor collar tutorial – I included lots of details to make sure your first try comes out perfect! This tutorial is hosted on DeviantArt.


Sailor Moon Bow
Sailor Moon Eternal bows in the manga have a very specific look and shape. I will show how I make them! It is pretty different from the old rectangle bow tutorial. This tutorial is hosted on DeviantArt.


Expanded PVC Armor
Basic armor tutorial using expanded PVC. It is great for armor with basic curves, and a very inexpensive alternative to Worbla, yet more sturdy than craft foam. This tutorial is hosted on DeviantArt.


Sailor Moon Glove Bands

This step by step tutorial shows you how to make the puffy “rolls” on top of Sailor fuku gloves.


Craft Foam Armor

A simple and inexpensive armor method using craft foam, sealing glues, and metallic gold leafing wax for a mirror finish.

Faux Bows

This tutorial is for simple, nearly seamless, rectangular bows. It can be used for small or large bows.

Kitty Feet

This tutorial is for making comfy kitty feet from slippers and fleece. It’s great for catgirl costumes or gijinkas.

Resin Gems

A beginner’s tutorial for casting and backing clear resin gems. I promise it’s not as scary as you think! It’s just as messy, though.

Simple Stretch Bootcovers This is a basic bootcover good for spandex or stretch PVC. It has a front and back seam, and is built over a basic pump. It can be used for ankle length boots up to thigh high boots.

Cosplay 101

This is an adaptation of a panel I used to do with SunaCosu. It covers the basics of beginning cosplay, from measuring, to patterns, to picking the right fabric. The focus here is on sewing.

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