Q & A

Do you make all of your costumes?

For the most part, all costumes are handmade by me. I state in the construction notes if I had help. My earlier costumes had sewing help from my mom, some were “closet” cosplays, and I do get assistance from my knowledgeable friends on props!

How did you make ________?

I do not keep my costume techniques a secret. Most of them were learned from someone else anyway. Please read the construction notes on a costume before you ask any questions, as it is likely already answered. I am always happy to help others, but please keep your questions specific and DO NOT ask me how I made an entire costume.  That could become a 5 page essay! Questions can be sent to NyuNyuAZ[at]gmail[dot]com and I will do my best to answer promptly.

Can you make a tutorial on ________?

I am always looking to make new tutorials. Please request what you would like to see! I can’t guarantee that it will be done in any span of time, as it takes awhile, but I do love making tutorials that help other cosplayers.

Do you take commissions?

No, not at this moment. I have done it in the past and when I do, it”s usually for friends, not open to the public. If I ever decide to take public commissions, it will be announced in my updates.

Will you sell one of your costumes?

Generally, I don’t sell my costumes. If I ever decide to sell something, it will be announced in my updates, and posted on my social networking sites.

Will you give/sell me a pattern you drafted?

No, I keep all my patterns because I may use it again. I may put copies of a pattern online, but I won’t send them out. Also, my patterns are a MESS. I don’t expect anyone else to be able to make sense out of them!

I’m a photographer; Can we do a photoshoot?

Probably! I love to pose for photos and have more for my website! So long as you have some credentials (such as a website or other cosplayers) and we meet in a public place, this can probably be arranged. I love working with new photographers!

Can we exchange website links?

Yes! Please send me an e-mail at NyuNyuAZ[at]gmail[dot]com to inquire, and preferably have a little banner.