Costume – Princess Jupiter


Character: Princess Jupiter
Sailor Moon
Princess gown (manga)
SabotenCon 2011
Cost: $65
This has actually been on my costume back-burner list for years. Tasu wanted to get a group together for SabotenCon 2011, so I piped in with my interest. Amazingly we got all nine senshi together. Sadly, we didn’t get too many photos with everyone! Ah well, it”s still a costume I’ve very happy with and it was fun while it lasted.
I am very happy with how this costume came out and feel very elegant! Sadly, not many recognize it without a full group, but it still received a lot of compliments.

Construction Notes: This was a pretty straightforward gown made from Casa satin and organza. The pattern didn’t require much altering, except adding the side slit. It is lined and boned down to the waist. The hardest part was figuring out the organza pieces underneath, which also serve as the lower lining and are French seamed. I am proud of mastering the rolled hem on my serger to create the look her finished edges have. I also sculpted and assembled the rose earrings. I needed killer heels to make sure I was taller than Aya as our Sailor Venus. I found a pair of shoes in a suede fabric that were a breeze to make the perfect color with fabric paints. The roses on the dress/ankles also had to be hand painted. I chose to carry a pink rose stem because a green one like in the illustration just looks dead and gross! The necklace pendents were cast by our Sailor Mars, Fuu, and quickly assembled in the room thanks to Sam. Fuu also cast awesome forehead gems, but mine wouldn’t stay on! I styled my real hair for this one, but my hair is bobbed, so I used a ponytail clip.
Patterns Used:

Photo Credits: Eurobeat King, Sam Troxell