Costume – Ami Mizuno (Crystal OP)


Character: Ami Mizuno
Series: Sailor Moon Crystal
Variation: Casual outfit from opening
Debut: Anime Expo 2017
Patterns Used: McCall’s 7313
Inspiration: A simple outfit for a fun group I got roped into! I wore this at Anime Expo ’17 with KittyPrincessKie as Rei and LunarLyn as Usagi, as a last minute addition to the group, and then at Otakon ’17 again with LunarLyn, Jazqui as Rei, Artemis as Minako, and Teca as Makoto, since we were all working for Viz that weekend. We had great times wearing these with the umbrellas and going to dim sum! (It actually rained too!)

Construction Notes: I didn’t have much time to make this originally (it was an afterthought to join my friends) so it was a quick couple days of construction. I used a 4-way stretch fabric with simple 3 pieces to the top so I could easily line it. I bought the cardigan and used it as is, and the wig is my regular Sailor Mercury wig. I wore black ballet flats or black character dance shoes

Photos: JPanda (Jonnie Lee)
Cosplayer Credits:  LunarLyn as Usagi, Jazqui as Rei, Artemis as Minako, and Teca as Makoto.

Photos: Ethan Shimokawa
Cosplayer Credits: KittyPrincessKie as Rei and LunarLyn as Usagi