Costume – Iori (Check MY Note)


Character: Iori Minase
Series: THE iDOLM@STER: One for All
Debut: Fanime 2017
Inspiration: Angel Hearts wanted to have a big performance for 2017 with cute matching costumes. These won the vote! Image color costumes are so fun!

Construction Notes: This costume was technical and difficult in the patterning stage. I actually wish I spent more time on the mockups than I did.

The fabrics are white cotton stretch sateen, two shades of pink casa satin, yellow casa crepe (all from JoAnn Fabrics), custom designed plaid on Silky Faille from Spoonflower, and gold bridal satin from for the bias tape. I cut and pressed my own bias tape and some for other girls in the group. Maryssa (aka MaryssaRaptor) designed the plaid fabrics for all of us.

For the vest, we started with a Butterick Motorcycle jacket pattern. It need loads of alteration to get the seams in the right place and the collar to lay like it does in the art (which isn’t really correct but whatever).
The skirt is a wide yoke with 2 tiers of gathered recangles. To make everything lay the same, all the plaid was flatlined with either the white sateen or the casa satin.
The two thinner belts were bought online, but the wider belt is very strange in construction and had to be custom made with a buckle from Tandy Leather -also used a Tandy buckle to make the choker.
We also made bootcovers – I opted for a full bootcover that goes over a pump with the white being a stretch fabric and rubber soling glued the bottom so I could easily dance in it without slipping.
I made the armband and leg garter by cutting a bias strip of the yellow fabric, making a tube, gathering it in the middle, sewing pink bias tape on top, and running elastic through it.
For the larger two hearts, I made gang molds for quick multiple casts and cast all the hearts for the group from SmoothCast 300. The smaller ones I was able to buy in a pack of 100, so they were used as is or just painted over.

Photos by Cospix

Photos by Lionboogy