Costume – Chii (Red Queen)


Character: Chii / Elda
Series: Chobits
Variation: Red Queen manga illustration
Debut: Anime Los Angeles 2017
Cost: $200
Inspiration: I had a CLAMP crossover skit planned with friends for the Anime LA 2017 masquerade. Lunar Lyn wanted to be Freya, and I’ve always liked this art of Chii!
Awards: Best in Masters Workmanship at Anime Los Angeles 2017

Construction Notes:

This was my first corset! I based it off a Simplicity pattern which fit very well, and I adjusted the top and bottom edge shape. The outer layer is satin, and inner layer is the black faux coutil from JoAnn’s cosplay fabrics line. I used a combo of flat and spiral steel boning. I was originally going to have a busk down the center front, but that didn’t go so well, so it just laces up in the back. Surprisingly, I can get it on by myself, but help is nice! The boning channels are all made from satin and taffeta fabric which I topstitched on the outside over the seam allowances. The edges are finished in bias tape which I also hand made and hand sewed on the inside. I couldn’t get black lace in the right style for the vertical lace, so I dyed it TWICE to get it close to black.

The gloves are just some stretch lace from Spandex world, with elastic on the bottom and top edges, and chiffon ruffle. I also did the choker with a chiffon that I ruffled. The large gaudy crown necklace is actually a purse charm! Hot fix rhinestones were added to several parts for extra sparkle on stage!

The skirt is a high low circle skirt from a pattern I drafted myself. I hand gathered each letter for maximum floof! I sewed 3″ horsehair into the hem to give it the flowy shape. No petticoat is needed.

For the crown, I first made one out of plastic, but didn’t like the result, so I remade it with wire and beads like back in my italoli days! It was kind of a throwback, but so is this whole costume!

For the spools, I did a little reshaping to an old wooden spool, made a silicone mold, cast them in SmoothCast 300, and then my husband drilled holes so the hair could fit through.

I bought the red platform heels on Amazon to match my Freya (Funtasma brand) They are supposed to have ankle straps, so I used red vinyl to make straps with bows on the back, and sewed the same lace as my corset on them. These took many hours for such a small detail on my feet! Making little vinyl anything is tedious.

My favorite part is the ears! My husband I sculpted a base from cardboard and monster clay, with buttons pushed into it. Then, we did a brush on silicone mold and created a hard shell. From there I rotary cast (hollow cast) five ears from white urethane (Smoothcast 65D). Five because the first one was a fail and I made a pair for myself and Freya! From there they needed tons of sanding and my Freya (Lunar Lyn) painted them beautifully by hand with pearlescent acrylic paints. They actually are headband free and attach the wig with heavy duty snaps!

The wig is a Silky Venus from Arda wigs in the color Sandstone. It’s so gorgeous and while it does get tangled, is easily detangled. I straightened it and cut bangs! Wig spools were made by modifying an old wooden spool, making a silicone mold, and casting them in urethane resin.

Cosplayer Credits: Lunar Lyn is Freya, Unyuu is Sakura, Winged Gear is Yuuko, and Suu is Kitty Princess Kie

Photo Credits: Black Beast Photography

Photo Credits: Akisa Creation

Photo Credits: CourteX Studios

Photo Credits: Richard Man

Work in Progress Photos