Costume – Super Sailor Mercury


Character: Super Sailor Mercury
Series: Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon  (kind of an anime/manga fusion)
Debut: Con-Nichiwa 2017
Cost: $150 (not counting reused items such as wig, gloves, boots)
Inspiration: I always loved the butt bows on the super fuku! I had been wanting to make a new Sailor Mercury fuku that fixed the fit and other issues I had with my 2014 classic anime fuku. Seriously though, the pretty butt bow tails were the deal breaker.

Construction Notes: 

Like my classic anime fuku, I used Zan’s sailor fuku pattern as a base, but altered it significantly to move seamlines and make it fit better. I had an issue that the underbust seam sat too low in the back, the waist/hiproll sat really high on me, and the torso was just too short overall to be comfortable. So I adjusted the placement of those seams and lengthened the whole thing. I continued my trend of using Spandex World’s moleskin because it is thick, stretchy, and awesome. For my blues, I chose Blue Jewel and Clearwater Casa matte satins from JoAnns. Sadly, I think they discontinued both those colors! The collar and bows all have fusible interfacing, and I used 1/4″ bias tape for the collar stripe. The bows and collar all attach with snaps and it snaps close at the crotch for a quick change.

I used 1/2″ project foam for the first time (found at Wal-Mart) for the hiproll and sleeves, with the sheer part being vinyl wrapped in clear/white organza. I really liked this method! It was very smooth and easy to do in contrast to pulling piping filler through the hiproll (like I did on my 2005 live action fuku) or stuffing with fiberfill (like I did on my 2014 classic anime fuku). I did have to spend time to to cut the foam out of the seam allowances, though.

For the bows, I used Sparkle Pipsi’s patterns, but moved the seams to the center instead of the sides. I drafted my own pattern for the butt bow tails. They are lightly pressed and hand tacked to keep the shape. They are so pretty!

For the glove rolls, I wanted to improve upon the ones I’d made before. My last ones had a flat spot where the seam is and it bugged me. I used Envel’s tutorial to avoid this problem, and they came out PERFECT! Then I hand sewed them to gloves from Zaza Bridal. 

The skirt is made from one jumbo circle skirt (inner circumference 3x my waist), and pleated at the top. One box pleat is in the center front, and knife pleats radiate out on either side. It is sewn into the bodysuit – yeah there are like 7 layers sewn in at the waist seam! I made the choker by cutting a strip on the bias and sewing a tube from the same satin. It closes in the back with a snap (hint: use a piece of fashion to tape to keep it from sliding around backwards).

The rest of this may sound like an advertisement for Smooth On, but they sell some AMAZING products! For the brooches, my husband helped create silicone molds from a clear fillable heart ornament from Michael’s. With that, I was able to cast clear brooches for my group from EpoxAcast 690 and So-Strong pigments. I chose to keep them light as the pigment gets dark very quickly, which then doesn’t let light through and they photograph dark. To enhance the colors and add some sparkle, I attached glitter scrap book paper to the back with Super Instant Epoxy. The choker star is cast from Smoothcast 325 clear with goldfinger powder. (I just used a three dimensional star mold I got from an Etsy seller awhile back for another project) I attached it to the choker with Jewel It glue.

I knew that I would not find gogo boots in the matching color, so I bought white ones to match our Moon, and painted them. I started with blue floral spray, but couldn’t get a color match. So, I bought Tulip So Soft fabric paints and mixed up a shade that matched my fabric perfectly. I think the floral spray worked as sort of a primer/base for the fabric paint. It stayed pretty well throughout the convention, although I do keep the paint and touch it up between wears. I used this method for the boot tops, tutorial here.

The wig is an Inigo in Midnight Blue from Arda Wigs that I cut and styled myself. I put sections in curlers, and use a blowdryer and Got 2B Glued hairspray to style the curled 90’s anime bangs and volumize the whole wig.

Photo Credits: JPanda
Cosplayer Credits: Super Sailor Moon is Artemis Cosplay, Super Sailor Mars is Jazqui, Super Sailor Jupiter is Teca, Super Sailor Venus is LunarLyn

Photo Credits: Orange Slice Media
Cosplayer Credits: Super Sailor Moon is Troublemaker Cosplay, Super Sailor Mars is TokuTenshi, Super Sailor Jupiter is Natahka, Super Sailor Venus is LunarLyn

Work in Progress Photos