Costume – Sailor Iron Mouse


Character: Sailor Iron Mouse
Series: Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon (Manga)
Debut: Anime Expo 2007
Awards: 2nd Place at Atomic Comics Animefest August 2007
Cost: $180
Inspiration: Iron Mouse has always been one of my favorite Sailor Moon villians. She’s so cute! I was invited by Nessa to join a Sailor Moon villains cosplay group at Anime Expo.
Thoughts: I love this costume and I think it looks fantastic! However, it’s skimpy and I feel rather bare wearing it.

Construction Notes: The main part of the outfit was made from a heavy white stretch knit fabric. I sewed bra cups inside of the fabric for support. Black bias tape makes the straps and details. The sailor collar is a detachable piece made from satin. The star is a Christmas ornament that was cut up and painted. The fluffy fur parts on the shoulders, gloves, and boots were made by stuffing tubes of faux fur with batting. I wear opaque white tights and black cheer briefs (“spankies”) with this costume. The gloves were bought and altered. The boots are actually vinyl shoe covers that I made. (Most recent update has actual lace up boots bought from The tail is made from a heavy wire, covered in masking tape, and then covered with a tube of fur fabric. This was a different fur from the rest, stretchy and very low pile.  One end of the tail is attached to a belt around my waist and the other end is tied with clear fishing wire to the choker around my neck. The keeps it up and gives it a bounce. The most difficult part of the costume was the wig.  If you’ve ever seen a Sailor Moon wig tutorial, the process was very similar to that method. Pure white extensions were not to be found, so I used two white Sepia wigs; one as the base and the other chopped up for extensions. Some hair fiber was added to the back of the base wig to make a full pigtail part. The rest was used to cover styrofoam to make the large sausage curls. The curlie-cues were styled with lots of Got 2 B Glued and stabilized with a bit of clear thread.  My favorite part is the little mouse ears! They were made with Wonderflex as a base and covered in fabric and sewn into the wig; I like how they are very three dimensional and not flat! The gold jewelry (in the wig and the choker) was made as well from beads and wire.
Patterns Used: None, self-drafted
Photo Credit: OscarC