Costume – Nico (School Uniform)


Character: Nico Yazawa
Series: Love Live! School Idol Project
Debut: Anime Los Angeles 2014
Cost: $60
Inspiration: I was invited to a group for Anime Los Angeles! We had all 9 girls! Sparkle Pipsi had made the fabric and a tutorial for the skirts, and was also selling the neck bows. I snapped them up and found the other pieces so I could put together this comfy costume!

Construction Notes: The only piece I made was the skirt. Check out Sparkle Pipsi’s tutorial here as well as her fabrics on Spoonflower here! (she also sent me the neck bow premade)

Socks and shoes are from Famous Footwear. White dress shirt is the juniors line from French Toast. My mom found the sweater.

Photo Credit: Eurobeat Kasumi

Photo Credit: Samuel Troxell