Costume – Tailmon


Character: Tailmon / Gatomon
Series: Digimon Adventure
Debut: TaiyouCon 2014
Cost: $30
Inspiration: Mikoto was making a kigurumi style Patamon. I have wanted to do Gatomon for some time.

Construction Notes: This was made using Simplicity 3609 as a base. It is a great base for a kigurumi! However, the hood is totally weird! I modified it and it’s still very tightly fit. I would recommend making a bigger hood for a kigurumi- it’s cuter anyway. I obviously shortened the arms and legs. The crotch is really low on this pattern, and I cut the small! (but I guess that’s norm for kigus, just weird with shorts since it rides up) Everything is JoAnns Blizzard fleece except a few felt details. The tail is separate and harnesses on with a belt underneath to give it some oomph. It’s a bit uncomfortable, actually. The base is copper wire, wrapped in tape and batting, so it can be reshaped. I made the feet from the old base of my Puchiko feet (tutorial here). The paws actually have gloves sewn inside and are stuffed, with felt applique details on the top.

Photo Credit: ViciousWarGoose