Costume – Nanami (duelist)


Character: Nanami Kiryuu (duelist uniform)
Series: Revolutionary Girl Utena
Debut: Fanime 2014
Cost: $80
Inspiration: There was discussion of doing an Utena group for Fanime, and naturally I wanted to do more Nanami costumes! She is such a fun, twisted character to play, and Utena will always be one of my favorite series.

Construction Notes: The base wig is from Color.Salon on Ebay. This is the first lace front wig I have worn! I love it to death, because it’s thick, has a natural color blend, and fits snugly enough that I don’t need to glue anything down. I cut wefts from an old wig for the braid and hand sewed it in place.

I found the perfect yellow stretch twill online, and the black stretch twill from Hobby Lobby. The black bias tape is the regular Wrights stuff, but I made the yellow. The top is based of McCall’s 6035. I changed the collar, gave it really snug sleeves, and a separating zipper down the front. The triangles on the collar are actually machine embroidered. I also made my first welt pocket! Oh, what fun that was. I made the shorts as tight as possible to mimic the artwork, and they close with an invisible zipper.

Whether they are are tights or leggings, they are very opaque, so I chose to layer two pairs of black tights. The  shoes are from when I did the school uniform version, but I added new black bows. (I painted a pair of boots with yellow fabric paint and glued/sewed the white vinyl on top). The epaulettes are craft foam and a fringe. I chose to go with a darker color as the hot pink doesn’t work well with the bright yellow. The cord is parachute cord, and the tip is plastic.

My boyfriend (Talon Forge) is a metalsmith, and made the ring out of silver and powder coated the pink color on the rose design.

My boyfriend and I both worked on the swords. Each one is three pieces that fit together. I drew out the design, he cut the pieces out of pine with a bandsaw, and we took turns sanding them on the belt sander. Some of the pieces broke and had to be redone, getting the wood grain just right so the tips don’t snap! I did all the detail carving, finishing,  filling, final hand sanding and painting.
Photo Credits: Eurobeat King, Darkain, Jeff @