Costume – Iori


Character: Iori Minase
Series: THE iDOLM@STER 2
Debut: Katsucon 2014
Cost: $80
Inspiration: Benihime invited me into a group for Katsucon. The other girls all either couldn’t make it or didn’t finish their costume, but I still finished mine in 4 days and wore it! Iori is my favorite of the 765 girls, and this outfit is too cute!

Construction Notes: The first wig I used is a Le Tigre from Arda. It is nice and thick, but after a couple wears, tangled to the point where I couldn’t stand it. So, I replaced it with an Eros in light brown from Epic Cosplay. A wig that long will still tangle, but it’s much more manageable and has a nice skin top!

I had the bodice and bloomer pattern already. The fabric was designed by Benihime and bought from Spoonflower. For the boots, I painted a white pump with pink floral spray, and sewed the main part from brown spandex. The butterfly is 2 pieces of fabric with heat ‘n bond in between. It actually works as a strap to hold it up. For the armbands, I stretched out a strip of the pink fabric and sewed it to brown elastic. They are taped/glued to my arm. The brown scallop trim was done with a decorative stitch on my machine, fray checked, and I cut it out. The pink ruffles were the first thing sewn with my new ruffler foot. There is an invisible zipper sewn into the left side. For the petals, I did some math and mocked them up. The bodice and skirt petals are lined with a cotton bottom weight.
Photo Credits: Jamie Whalen (JW Cosplay Photography)