Costume – Nono


Character: Nono
Series: Diebuster / Gunbuster 2
Debut: Katsucon 2014
Cost: $100
Inspiration: I wanted to be topless with Brandon? Nono’s been on my list for years, and Brandon wanted to be L’arc. I knew he would never finish it, and the costumes are basically the same in different color schemes…soooo I made them both in 3 weeks!

Construction Notes: The wig is from, an Ivy in Dark Pink. The cap is very small. I had to snip it to expand it a bit. Otherwise, love this wig! Lovely fiber and detangles. I normally hate how I look in pink wigs, but this pink blend looks nice on me. I styled the ahoge by putting a lot of hair glue at the base and hairspray to shape the length of it.

I started with a retro romper pattern. The collars, boot covers, gloves, and sleeves were all self-drafted. The sleeve, collar, and gloves are actually all separate pieces from the main romper. Orange is a heavy knit, yellow is twill, red and silver is vinyl. The black details on the collar, leg cuffs, and boot covers were all heat transfer vinyl. I made the gloves from black wet look spandex using the freezer paper method ( . The silver squares were cut from expanded PVC, painted silver, and snap on. The boot covers are stretch vinyl built over a wedge shoe. They have rubber soling glued to the bottom for traction. I put upholstery foam inside to make the puffy cuffs. There is also foam in the sleeves. Overall, this was a super fun project to pattern out and experiment with different materials. I just wish I didn’t have to rush so quickly to get 2 of them done in 3 weeks!

Patterns Used: a vintage romper pattern!
Photo Credits: JouninK, Lionboogy