Costume – Applejack (Equestria Girls)


Character: Applejack
Series: My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Movie
Debut: Arizona Fur Con 2013
Cost: $80
Inspiration: I initially had some reservations about the Equestria Girls movie, but after seeing the Fall Formal outfits, I knew cosplay had to happen! All the girls had such cute dresses! Plus, they are finally actually human, so there’s no weird translating-a-saddle-into-something-on-a-human to worry about.
Thoughts: It came out so cute even though I put it together pretty quickly over Fall Break. The timing is also great, since I just retired/sold my other AJ costume.

Construction Notes: This is the same wig from my Applejack gijinka cosplay. I got lucky in finding a high quality heat resistant wig in a nice yellow-y blonde secondhand. I styled the bangs using lots of heat and hairspray, and pulled it into the ponytail. I made the ponytail holder with a scrap of red knit fabric.

The dress is made from a cute denim that has slight silver metallic flecks in it. The top is fitted and boned to stay up without straps. The skirt is a gathered circle skirt with a scalloped hem. I handsewed 2 packages of red pom pom trim to the bottom. The rhinestones on the bottom hem and top of the bodice were laid out and glued on with Jewel It. I enjoyed adding the bling to this costume! Underneath is a separate circle skirt made from white Casa Satin. I also edged it with a pretty trim. I fit two short petticoats underneath to really get it to poof out. AJ has a red belt at her waist, but I decided adding the red vinyl trim at the seam below the waist looked a lot cuter, so I went with that.

The bangles were fun as well! Again, I wanted to bling it up! I found lime green vinyl snap cuff bracelets, and 2 strands of the obnoxious green gems. I hand sewed the gems on top of the vinyl cuffs.

The boots are also the same boots I used for my previous AJ cosplay, but I spray painted them and the straw hat brown with floral spray. What awesome stuff!

Photo Credit: JW Cosplay Photography, Franklin Teng, Jesse Sparks