Costume – Hitomi Kanzaki


Character: Hitomi Kanzaki
Series: The Vision of Escaflowne
Debut: Fanime 2013
Cost: $75
Inspiration: I didn’t really want to be Hitomi originally, but NeoWingGoddess really needed one for her Van and Escaflowne group – how could I say no? I figured it was simple enough to whip out for Fanime 2013. It was fun to be part of this old school group!

Construction Notes: I love this jacket! It’s so comfy. I modified a McCall’s pattern M4598, drafting my own sleeves and sailor collar. The fabrics are a pretty khaki suiting and a basic lining. It is lined, and the buttons are made from those little button cover kits. The collar and cuffs are made from the same twill as the skirt, and bias tape sewn on for the stripes.
The skirt was an experiment, but I’m happy with the results. I used a brown cotton twill, that holds pleats well. I cut the skirt, in rectangular shape, to fit around my hips, and measured 2″ pleats. Once these were all ironed and sewn in, I took in each pleat just a smidge until the top part fit my waist. The result is a skirt that fits at the waist, but all the pleats stay pleated around my hips – essential for someone curvy like me.
The white blouse is a modified thrifted. The red bow was made from some remnant stretch satin – hers looks puffy sometimes, so I thought it would be cute to use batting. It is elastic around the neck. The pendant is from KPONOS on Etsy. It’s lovely aside from the chain being too short.
The shoes were from an old cosplay and just modified. I painted on the blue stripes with fabric paint. The wig is an Aether 12″ from Epic Cosplay in Cocoa Brown. I had to repart it a bit (part is off to the side), trim the bangs, fluff it up, and add in the little ahoge with hair glue and hair spray.

Patterns Used: McCall’s 4598 (jacket)
Photo Credits: