Tutorial – Sailor Moon Glove Bands


This tutorial is for making the bands on top of the gloves common to Sailor Moon costumes. I used PVC here, because my first Sailor Moon costume was based on the live action series, which clearly has vinyl glove bands. I’ve come to really like the look it creates even if it’s not what most cosplayers use. I recommend using a stretch fabric for the best results, however, I know it’s not always possible to find stretch material in the same color as your skirt/collar fabric – most cosplayers don’t use stretch for those parts. You can still get by with a non-stretch fabric. If possible, cut your fabric in the direction with the most stretch or on the bias. If your fabric absolutely doesn’t stretch or stretches very little, make sure you cut it extra long to be sure it will fit well.


-1/2 yard stretch fabric
-matching thread
-2 to 2 1/2 yards 1″ piping filler
-tape (any kind)
-large safety pin

Note: These numbers are based off a 3/8 inch seam allowance.


This is the piping filler. It’s huge! It also works for the “hip roll” part of the sailor fuku.


First, measure and cut your fabric. You’ll need 2 rectangles.


These are the dimensions I recommend. I am pretty thin, so you have bigger arms, or especially if you are doing the Eternal versions where the gloves are up higher on the arm, measure to make sure this is enough, or cut extra length to be safe. At this length, I had a bit extra.


Fold the piece in half hot dog style, right sides together, and sew the seam to make a tube.


Flip the tube right side out. Reposition that seam so it lays flat and is where one of your stitching lines is going to be.


Measure and mark your 3 equally sized channels. With these measurements, the folded glove height was 9 cm, so each channel was 3 centimeters. If yours is a bit larger/smaller, just do the math and divide it into thirds. I used pins here, but be careful to pin within the seams if you are using vinyl!


Sew the 2 lines to create your 3 channels. See how that seam disappeared? Where’d it go?


Next comes the piping filler. To easily get the piping filler through the tube, wrap tape on the end if it’s not already, and get the biggest safety pin that you can find. Poke it through the end and close it, so you have something hard to grip.


Carefully pull the piping filler all the way through the tube, using the safety pin. Wrap tape on the ends before cutting.


Repeat on the other 2 channels. Make sure everything looks symmetric at this point.


Cut off any extra piping filler sticking off the ends. Pull both ends to remove any slack. You want the fabric stretched out as much as possible.


Wrap it around and sew it closed. With a stretchy fabric that doesn’t fray, I find one single seam is sufficient. (Plus, the vinyl gets too bulky.) If you use something that frays, find a way to finish that seam.


Flip it inside out, and try it on for fit!


Finally, attach it to the top of your glove.


Make sure the glove is hemmed to the needed height already. Then, I tack it on with hand stitches where noted in the image. The nice thing about the PVC is it’s sticky, so it stays up on my arms very well. In PGSM (the live action TV series), I swear those things aren’t attached and you see them come apart from the gloves. xD I don’t recommend leaving them loose in case they move around like that!