Tutorial – Faux Bows

This tutorial can be used for small or large rectangular bows. It’s quick, easy, and doesn’t have many seams. No topstitching required!

-Matching thread
-Interfacing (I prefer iron on, but sew-on will work)
-Keep a warm iron handy


Figure out the dimensions you want your final rectangular bow to be. Double the length. Add a seam allowance all around. Here I used like 3/8 of an inch. So you will end up cutting a big long rectangle.


Cut interfacing and attach it to the wrong side.


Press so the interfacing bonds.


Fold it hamburger style and pin the edges, right sides together.


Sew up the seam, leaving about a gap. For a bow this size, my gap is about 1.5 inches. For a larger bow, you need a larger gap. You’ll be pulling the entire bow through this gap. Make sure you reinforce the seam around the gap so it doesn’t rip later.


Fold the bow so that the seam you just sewed is on top and in the center. Press the seam flat.


Pin and sew the top and bottom seams.


Remember that little gap? Pull the entire bow right side out using that gap. Stick your finger or something else small to poke out the corners. I usually don’t need to clip them, but if your corners aren’t sharp enough, go back and do so.


Press it completely flat.


Put the seam in the back, and use it as your center guide. Fold up the bow in the center like an accordion. Stitch through it by hand and secure the stitch so it holds together.


It’s almost done! Isn’t it cute?


Now it’s time to finish the look with a faux knot. Using the same fabric, with some interfacing on it again, make a little tube, and press it flat. Are you sensing the theme here? Press, press, press. It makes everything look pretty!


Wrap the tube around the center and hand sew it in place.


Yay! You have a cute little faux bow! You can sew it right on to your piece, glue it to a headband or clip, etc.


If you need more than one, I recommend making them all step by step at the same time. You can have an army of bows!