Costume – Wendy


Character: Wendy Darling
Movie: Disney’s Peter Pan
Debut: Halloween 2010/ Anime Los Angeles 2011
Cost: $25
Inspiration: I have been wanting to do a Disney girl cosplay for some time now. While I do have some others on my list, Wendy is my favorite and the simplest outfit, so I thought I’d stop pushing her back and complete her. She was great for Halloween, since she’s so recognizable.
Thoughts: I love being Wendy! This costume is pretty comfy, as a plus. I feel better since I redid the wig with better curls.

Construction Notes: I drafted my own pattern for the nightgown. It is made from JoAnn’s Casa Crepe. The bodice is self lined, the skirt is lined with a sewn in white slip. It closes up the back with an invisible zipper. The poofy sleeves are gathered into the armhole and have elastic at the bottom to keep the poofy shape. The sash is made from the same royal blue crepe-back satin as my hairbow. It is just a tube sewn up and tacked in place. The wig is a Femme Fatale from Amphigory that I had leftover from another project. I love Femme Fatales! They are pretty much the best wigs ever aside from heat-resistant varieties. Anyways, it took a lot of slow work to get it up into a clean, high ponytail. I couldn’t achieve her rolled hairstyle without it looking funny, but I was happy just to get it into the ponytail nicely. I cut and curled the bangs under using a blowdryer and curlers. I used the leftover hair from cutting the bangs to weft in at the back under the ponytail, where wigs get kind of bare. I made ringlets in the back by placing the hair fiber in curlers and dunking/pouring hot water. This gives really nice, sharp ringlets. I wish the wig was a little longer to start with, but it worked pretty well.
Photo Credit: Samuel Troxell
Also, Yaminogame is the cute Peter! 😀