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Costume Updates!

Fanime has come and gone, and was another great one. I’ve added my costumes so far for 2017! Please check them out! I have construction notes, work in progress images, and have worked with some talented photographers.


Cosplay Hidden Treasures!

Lunar Lyn and I were interviewed for Con Freaks and Geeks’ Cosplay Hidden Treasures podcast! Check it out here!

Costume Galleries Updated!

Wow, I made a ton of costumes and got behind very quickly! I apologize for that, but I enjoy sewing a whole lot more than image editing and web design. Anyways, check over on my costume page for my currently up-to-date list of costumes, construction info and image galleries! I have many work in progress photos too, and am working on getting more added. Enjoy and don’t hesitate to e-mail with questions on how I made or where I obtained anything!

Anime Expo was awesome this year, and I’ll have more photos to share from that soon!

Puffy Sleeve Tutorial!

I made a new video for those cute puffy sleeves you see on eternal sailor guardian costumes, school uniforms, idol costumes and more!

New Embroidery Tutorial

Here is my new tutorial on how I designed the embroidery for my Anna costume!

Video Tutorials Posted!

I posted 3 videos in my tutorial section! Go check them out! The most popular one is for my stretch bootcovers. I hope to do more of these soon, now that I have a good tripod and mic!

Costumes are up to date!

I’ve done a mass update and added nearly all my costumes from the past year. They are also now reorganized by year instead of the source. Here are some of my favorites!

button_nicosnow button_nanamiduelist button_mercuryanime

Costume Updates!

I’m catching up on costume updates! Click the images below for construction details and a full gallery!

button_applejackequestria button_iori button_nono button_tailmon


KatsuCon Cosplay Plans!


4 New Costumes!

It’s been awhile since I last updated so here are full costume info and galleries for my last FOUR COSTUMES! Go check them out for the scoop! I’m about 95% done with my Asuka plugsuit cosplay, so keep an eye out for photos of her soon. They will likely pop on my social media first, as usual.

button_amiwaitress button_lina button_eternalmercurybutton_hitomi