Costume Updates!


SabotenCon in Phoenix was a blast and a huge success in the masquerade for our Magic Knight Rayearth group taking home Best in Show with our skit and costumes!

Check out my Costumes page for write ups and photos on my new Hikaru (Magic Knight Rayearth), Anzu (Cinderella Girls), and Ami Mizuno (Sailor Moon Crystal) costumes! I also finished a new Iori costume, but I’m waiting to get photos back before I share that with you all!

Costume Updates!

Fanime has come and gone, and was another great one. I’ve added my costumes so far for 2017! Please check them out! I have construction notes, work in progress images, and have worked with some talented photographers.


Cosplay Hidden Treasures!

Lunar Lyn and I were interviewed for Con Freaks and Geeks’ Cosplay Hidden Treasures podcast! Check it out here!

Costume Galleries Updated!

Wow, I made a ton of costumes and got behind very quickly! I apologize for that, but I enjoy sewing a whole lot more than image editing and web design. Anyways, check over on my costume page for my currently up-to-date list of costumes, construction info and image galleries! I have many work in progress photos too, and am working on getting more added. Enjoy and don’t hesitate to e-mail with questions on how I made or where I obtained anything!

Anime Expo was awesome this year, and I’ll have more photos to share from that soon!

Puffy Sleeve Tutorial!

I made a new video for those cute puffy sleeves you see on eternal sailor guardian costumes, school uniforms, idol costumes and more!

New Embroidery Tutorial

Here is my new tutorial on how I designed the embroidery for my Anna costume!

Video Tutorials Posted!

I posted 3 videos in my tutorial section! Go check them out! The most popular one is for my stretch bootcovers. I hope to do more of these soon, now that I have a good tripod and mic!

Anime Expo 2014 Plans

I’ll be attending Anime Expo in a couple weeks! I’m super excited for all the Sailor Moon events and cosplaying in groups with friends! I’ll be wearing anime Sailor Mercury, Asuka plugsuit, Eternal Sailor Mercury, and Nico in her school uniform for sure!


Costumes are up to date!

I’ve done a mass update and added nearly all my costumes from the past year. They are also now reorganized by year instead of the source. Here are some of my favorites!

button_nicosnow button_nanamiduelist button_mercuryanime

Costume Updates!

I’m catching up on costume updates! Click the images below for construction details and a full gallery!

button_applejackequestria button_iori button_nono button_tailmon